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Long Creek!


Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast                         (386)-445-0506


Please call ahead for kayak availability in case we are out paddling about!

Our kayak  rental location is  adventurous
with fantastic  wildlife sightings from Manatees to Dolphins!

Kayak rentals are easy, with a  brief lesson and you can't get lost!

Our kayaks are user friendly, beginners welcomed!
           Single & 2 person kayaks available!

Visiting Marineland, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, or Daytona area?
Call us and plan a kayak adventure for the family or a quiet paddle for two !

     * Best adventure for paddling at your own pace?
Rent a kayak for 2 hours, this is all you need to experience nature! *

Always a cool breeze at our kayak rental location, shade at St. Joe's Creek,
and 2 hours is plenty of time to cool off and explore. And only $20!
Our rentals staff treat you as if you are on a guided kayak tour! We will guide you with an introduction to kayaking, with gear and a map,  so you can have a self guided trip to see dolphins, and all Florida's critters in season!
***  After  your paddle on the water ... ***
After kayaking on the water, visit the Ships Gift Store inside
for ice cream, snacks,  soda or lunch! We have a kayakers lounge in the shade,
and frequently you can watch the dolphins or manatees inside the basin while they explore!
                    Want to peddle? Rent a bike from us, too!
                                            Enjoy the paddle!



Our wildlife is awesome along the waterways!

          Our kayak fleet changes routinely for your paddling experience!
Easy access on our ramp to the waters edge is easy  for the novice kayaker!
        Tropical Kayaks offers personal service for our  kayak guests!

 Always be hydrated before & during outdoor activities! Bring Water!

                   Wear sun protection / Bring a towel, too!

              Know your own limits during physical activities

                       For more info: (386)445-0506  Tropical Kayaks

All photos taken on our Tropical Kayak Trips or rentals!

Photo by Lydia Dawn!  For original artwork... www.artbylydiadawn.biz

St Joe's , our office on the water!


This Pelican was photographed for an original acrylic painting by Lydia Dawn www.artbylydiadawn.biz  from Longs Creek.

Missy sailing in our Eddyline Tandem Kayak.

 Kayak Rentals & Kayak Sales available  at Tropical Kayaks 

 200 ClubHouse DR.   Palm Coast Resort Marina.

    Above:    Capt. Gus is our certified naturalist ,
                     avid cyclist , paddler & sailor. 

   Even the  Pelicans and their guest sign up for our kayak rentals/tours!


Kayak Cafe

 Kayak Cafe                Kayak Club Meeting   

 L & M  


Remember! Wear your life jacket! Know your weather and tides when taking a trip! Also, the shoreline has sharp shells with oyster mounds, or could be very muddy! Be safe, do not beach your kayak unless it is a sandy area,please.  You could get wet!  And, always paddle with a buddy:) and know your own limitations and physical health before participating in any physical activity.


Our Palm Coast Fire & Rescue practicing flood and white water rescues

Even though they didn't get wet...they worked hard , too!

Fire truck using the fire  hose to make waves and slides         

Our proud Palm Coast Fire & Rescue pracising white water rescue techniques!                                

Getting to know your partner!!!!

Rescue "Kayak" ?
Jet ski practice....

Please call us for time and schedule, (386)445-0506

We are open year round, hours are varied  pending weather.

or email  :   tropicalkayaks@bellsouth.net

 Signed waiver required for participation.

Please use your own judgement for this physical activity.

Weight limit is varied .    This is an at your own risk sport.


All photos on this website are the property of Tropical Kayaks and can not be copied or reproduced without written permmission by Tropical Kayaks.

      Tropical Kayaks has been  a Flagler County
       Chamber of Commerce member since 1999!